high level dialogue for a globalised world

About The Association

The association was founded in the UK in 1981 by Sir David Nicholson, Member of the European Parliament, together with Roy Jenkins, President of the European Commission, and Leo Tindemans, Member of the European Parliament. AECA-Belgium was established in 1985 by Baron Jacques Groothaert and Lucien Le Lièvre.  The American European Community Association (AECA) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit association with the chief goal of improving and increasing understanding and cooperation within the Transatlantic relationship.   AECA achieves this through its important international forum for high-level dialogue and debate in which key current economic, political and social issues are examined and discussed by senior members of the international business, political, government, diplomatic, civic and academic communities. The scope of interest of the association extends to the global context, including the BRIC countries.   A key strength of AECA lies in the association’s neutral status, serving neither narrow commercial interest nor political party allegiance.   As we progress through the 21st century, new challenges will arise and our ongoing dialogue will become critical as we seek ways to meet the challenges of globalisation. AECA will continue to provide a safe haven where such challenges can be met with concern, and where new paths can be charted as the world in which we live and work moves closer together.
Count Etienne Davignon, Minister of State, Chairman of Brussels Airlines “As the world becomes smaller, the opportunities for open discussion between European, American and emerging markets’ business and political leaders become more and more important. AECA contributes significantly to this exchange, with a particular emphasis on the development of the European Union in a challenging globalised world.”
Baron Frans Van Daele, Head of Cabinet to His Majesty the King of Belgium, Royal Palace  “Both Europe and America know that in times of need they can always call on their friends on the other side of the ocean. In between times, they so often seem to misread each other that transatlantic organizations like AECA are essential to reduce the background noise and help governments to focus on the essentials and on the many opportunities this relationship can bring to economy and security. Let us not waste the many win-wins which are out there!”
David McAllister, Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs & Member of the Delegation for relations with the U.S., European Parliament "As a supporter of international cooperation and understanding, the AECA is an important platform for dialogue and exchange. There are many tasks and challenges, the United States and the European Union can only solve together. And there will be new ones. Therefore the AECA supports a close cooperation, as it recognizes the challenges of today and brings it on the agenda."