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Tribute to Dr. Jacques Rogge on behalf of the entire AECA Board and Membership

The American European Community Association (AECA) is deeply saddened to announce the passing on August 29, 2021 of Count Jacques Rogge, Honorary President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and distinguished member of AECA’s International Advisory Council (IAC).

Count Rogge was a great world leader, a wonderful person and a strong supporter of AECA. Measured and unpretentious, he described himself as a “sober” leader and a team worker.

We were very honored to have Count Rogge serve on the AECA Board of Directors from 2013 to 2019, after having participated twice as a guest speaker on the AECA programme of high-level conference-luncheons. Count Rogge made a memorable speech for AECA members already back in 2002 when he was President of the IOC, celebrating sport for development and peace. He was an equally outstanding guest speaker at an AECA Round-Table in 2014 addressing the theme of "The Influence of the Olympic Movement on the Global Political and Economic Arena”.

Together with all who knew him, we mourn his passing and at the same time hold alive the memory of his legacy of achievements.

Dear Jacques, to paraphrase your own words at the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony, you have been a role model for the world inspiring a generation of athletes and Olympians by the values of sport.

We’ll never forget your support and friendship throughout the years. We’ll miss you and send our deepest condolences to your family and friends.

Leonard H. Schrank
Chairman, AECA

Christophe de Callatay
Chief Executive Officer, AECA